November 27, 2023

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"I had an appointment involving sedation so I needed someone to drive me home after. I'm still kind of new to the area and don't know anyone I would trouble to ask for a ride so I found this company checking out reviews online. I was a little loopy so I don't remember the fella's name but he was super friendly and nice to chat with and offered to walk me into the house to make sure I was okay. They were also very punctual and professional with the staff at the office, I was told when I asked at my follow up today. I recommend to stop looking around and give these guys a shot. I wasn't disappointed and I doubt you will be either. Oh and the pricing was very reasonable. That's something I was looking for in reviews."
January 5, 2023

October 18, 2022

"Great service."
September 23, 2022

"The 2 employees who came to Banner to bring my family member home to golf links area we're very friendly and strong they had no problems during the whole process. I would highly recommend them."
March 9, 2022

Great Service

"We needed our 98 year old aunt transported from the hospital to her senior facility. She is wheelchair bound, legally blind and frail. Kudos to Bill in the office who arranged for the transport and to her driver who not only got her home but also took her to her apartment. Great service. Highly recommended. "